Prevention and Early Intervention

Catholic Charities affirms that transparency and accountability will always be pursued in our communication and work. We affirm the truth of the intrinsic dignity and worth of the human person as a social being and will witness to our Catholic identity in fulfilling our roles in Church and society.

Person/Family Centered

Catholic Charities affirms that we will always assist our clients, staff and volunteers to live in socially responsible freedom, to exercise their authentic autonomy in light of objective truth and to actualize their inherent potential as beings created in the image and likeness of God. We will respect and affirm the autonomy of each organization/entity with whom we are in relationship.


CCI affirms clients have the right to self-actualization and to reach their potential as beings created in the image and likeness of God. We affirm all agreements and relationships with stakeholders will be based on norms of justice. We affirm we will maintain diversity and excellence in our membership, board, leadership positions and staff. We affirm we will work to eradicate racism and prejudice within our organization and in society at large.

Community Engagement

Catholic Charities affirms that love – caritas – will be the chief identifying characteristic and element of our work and life.

Doug Alles

Executive Director

Sarah Dunn


Donna Malone

Communications Manager


Development Director